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Historic Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church

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We want to erect a Museum to house and display the history and artifacts associated with the earliest Black Churches in Southern Ohio.

National Register of Historic Places

In 1978 Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church Was listed on the National Register of Historic Places, qualifying both because of its historically significant architecture and because of its important place in local history.

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Formed Between 1810 and 1813

The Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church was formed between 1810 and 1813. It is believed to be the first African American Church established in Ohio. The church was established by the 37 slaves who were freed by James Twyman from Virginia.

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Greeting to all Partons;

We are dedicating pews in honor of those who wish to be a dedicatee. We cherish all contributions. We will identify your contribution of $500 or more with a nameplate in your honor attached to the pew of your choice.

The historic marker on the ground of the church denotes the 1810 date of its founding. The present building was erected by recently freed slaves in the 1850’s. The Federal Government has granted us 501c3 Status as a historic site. All donations are tax deductible. the names of all contributors will be listed on our Wall Of fame. Please direct all donations to the Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church, P.O. Box 805, South Point Ohio 45680, Burcham Stephen D, CPA

The Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church Restoration Committee

Calvin L. Vinson, Chairperson

Charles Linthichum, Trustee

Willene Ingram, Secretary

This is a book that is named "Few Among The Mountains Slavery In Wayne County

Few Among The Mountains

Slavery In Wayne County

Robert Michael Thompson

In this book, the author, Robert Michael Thompson writes about the slavery that was in Wayne County Virginia. This is now Wayne County West Virginia. This is a very interesting book. One of the chapters is titled “The Highest Bidder”. It talks about how much the slaves were worth. Below is a paragraph from the book.

When John Dean of Twelve Pole Creek died in early 1846, his eight slaves were appraised like most. A black man named Pompey was the most valuable at $605 followed by Frankford who was valued at $400  and a woman named Jude appraised for $75 as did a young girl named Tener. Other slaves included a boy named Andres and two girls names Arto and Fielis.

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