Mission Statement

Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church

Mission Statement

The struggle for our freedom in the Tristate areas of Virginia, KY, and Ohio. What constitutes freedom? Define freedom in the board meaning of everyday life. The Underground Railroad was founded in 1798 in Ceredo, VA. We have the names of founders.

Escaping slaves enter Ohio from Ceredo VA by crossing the Ohio River at Burlington, Ohio. The safe house is still standing. We have the owners name and political association. This Ohio person later founded the city of Ironton, Ohio, the current County Seat of Lawrence, County.

Underground Railroad

The Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church was the first stop on the Underground Railroad founded in 1810. We have the Historic plaque indicating its birth and presence.

We have a picture of the plaque erected in Ceredo, VA and the name of the person responsible for earning its presence.

What values are present when freedom exists? When I run away I get nothing, and when you grant my freedom, seldom do I get much.

We gained enough population in Burlington Ohio for it to become the County seat of Lawrence County.

Emancipation Of Slaves

The Emancipation of slaves was aptly described by Booker T. Washington. Between those dates and the 2nd World War, and after the end of that war openings became present to gain the economic opportunities to break the final slavery hold.

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